2009 Nissan 370Z S-Tuned Body Kit and Tuner Parts

With the rise of the tuning trend in the 90’s, nearly all major car manufacturers have thier “in house” tuning departments. With Nissan, that means the Nismo wing. This week a new website came out in Japan displaying some fun new tuning products for the Nissan 370Z including a body kits, strut bars, braking equipment, shocks and suspension, rear spoiler and more. Nismo will be the first to offer aftermarket products for the vehicle as they have access to the 370Z (known as the Fairlady Z in Japan) and can effectively R&D parts for the car. No doubt these products will eventually make thier way to the US market in time and provide 370Z owners with OEM peice of mind.

Undoubtedly aftermarket styling companies such as VIS and Seibon will be offering fiberglass and carbon fiber replicas of the kit in due time and at a discount over the factory parts. In my estimation the 2009 SEMA show in vegas this upcoming November will be the big debut of both body kits and performance parts from the big vendors. Until then, feast your eyes on these parts.

 Being in the tuning industry and specifically focused on aftermarket styling such as body kits and ground effects, the 370Z ground effects package was of special interest to me. I was dying to see how the first factory designed kit would enhance the car, and suprisedly this package gives the already beautiful car some more aggressive features. The S-tune kit looks similar to the first generation Nismo package for the 350z, the lines look similar however on the S-tune version the lip is beefier and gives the vehicle a more squared look along the skirting edge of the vehicle for those who are less than enthused about  the more rounded look of the 370Z versus its predecessor. The kit also blends well with the new “fangs” on the front bumper without giving anything and out of place look.


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