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2009 Nissan 370Z S-Tuned Body Kit and Tuner Parts

December 22, 2008

With the rise of the tuning trend in the 90’s, nearly all major car manufacturers have thier “in house” tuning departments. With Nissan, that means the Nismo wing. This week a new website came out in Japan displaying some fun new tuning products for the Nissan 370Z including a body kits, strut bars, braking equipment, shocks and suspension, rear spoiler and more. Nismo will be the first to offer aftermarket products for the vehicle as they have access to the 370Z (known as the Fairlady Z in Japan) and can effectively R&D parts for the car. No doubt these products will eventually make thier way to the US market in time and provide 370Z owners with OEM peice of mind.

Undoubtedly aftermarket styling companies such as VIS and Seibon will be offering fiberglass and carbon fiber replicas of the kit in due time and at a discount over the factory parts. In my estimation the 2009 SEMA show in vegas this upcoming November will be the big debut of both body kits and performance parts from the big vendors. Until then, feast your eyes on these parts.

 Being in the tuning industry and specifically focused on aftermarket styling such as body kits and ground effects, the 370Z ground effects package was of special interest to me. I was dying to see how the first factory designed kit would enhance the car, and suprisedly this package gives the already beautiful car some more aggressive features. The S-tune kit looks similar to the first generation Nismo package for the 350z, the lines look similar however on the S-tune version the lip is beefier and gives the vehicle a more squared look along the skirting edge of the vehicle for those who are less than enthused about  the more rounded look of the 370Z versus its predecessor. The kit also blends well with the new “fangs” on the front bumper without giving anything and out of place look.


Stillen takes a look at the 370Z

December 15, 2008

Nissan lends the all new Nissan 370Z to Stillen Motors the day before the LA Auto show for a closer look at the vehicle. Click the link below to take a look at their photo gallery.  Stillen has some great photos plus video and comparison sheets as they display the differences between the 350z and 370z.

Welcome to 370Z Tuner Blog

December 15, 2008

Welcome to my new blog, 370z Tuner! This blog and my website is of course dedicated to the all new Nissan 370Z that will be in showrooms starting in January 2009. A little about myself, I have been in the import tuning business for now about 6 years. Back in 2003 I was designing websites and helped a company called Speedtech setting up thier e-commerce website. Although I wasnt into tuning cars myself, I have always been fascinated with automobiles and with the momentum of the Fast and Furious movies, I couldnt help but to be intrigued. Before I knew it I had become a partner of one of the founding members of Speedtech and we launched our own tuning shop called Yakuza Racing. The shop did pretty well but we found that our customer base in Utah did not live up to the ideas full potential and we began selling online. Eventually I left Yakuza Racing and decided to pursue my own tuning shop and launched and its sister site With these two sites, I was less focussed on tuning as a whole and more on exterior styling products such as body kits, carbon fiber hoods, fenders, trunks etc. With these sites coming up in the later era of the import tuning trend, we noticed a shift in the types of vehicles that were the birth of the trend and the up and coming new Japanese tuning cars. Without a doubt the trend was founded upon the Civic and Eclipse platforms, and without a doubt the new Japanese tuners that were beginning to arise came in the likes of the Nissan 350z, Mitsubishi EVO8 and Subaru WRX. With so many established ecommerce sites already offering a selection of Civic and Eclipse products, we found our site becoming more popular with the 350Z and Subaru WRX.

As I previously mentioned, I was not much of a tuner when I entered this business, driving an Audi A4. Eventually I succumbed and bought a Lexus IS 300 and when a delivery truck swiped my rear bumper one day in front of Yakuza Racing and paved the way for my first body kit. After that it just didnt seem right to have a vehicle with out a kit on it, and from there grew my own personal interest in sport compact tuning, with an emphasis on aerodynamis. In 2006 I purchased a new IS 250 all wheel drive and proceeded to put an INGs sports line body kit on that. One vehicle I always had a particular interest in aside from a Lexus, was of course the Nissan 350z. I personally love the design of this vehicle, and feel like it provides an excellent value for both a sports compact and a track racing sports car. As my online business developed further I noticed the 350Z taking the lead in tuning products availible, at least for the aftermarket exterior styling portion. I am sure its relatively the same in the performance and suspension areas as well. One look at my Nissan 350z body kit page and you’ll see there are nearly as many or more body kits availible for that vehicle as there are for the worlds most common sport compact, the 1996-00 Honda Civic.

Now, knowing me, if I buy an IS 250 I will be content for about a year. While I absolutely love my IS, a year into my lease I naturally begin pondering what vehicle will be next when my lease is up. With all of the gorgous body kits that I carried for the 350z, I began thinking I might either want to purchase one as a side project car or perhaps even my daily driver. I could visualize how I could shape and mold my 350z if I bought one, but also after seeing the release of the G37 I wondered when the 350z would be updated. The 350Z had been out since 2003 and after being on the market for 7 years it was about due for at least a refresher. At least once a week I checked in with to see if they had any info on a new Z, as most of the time they have information posted on their site before even the manufacturer. At last about a month ago, I finally saw it, the all new Nissan 370Z!

At first I was taken back by the new photos, perhaps I had become so used to the 350z that the new redesign seemed a little awkward. I even thought that the design looked almost like a hybrid between the old 240z and the last generation model. Then a few days after that, my new Road & Track arrived with the stunning Blue 370Z on the front. When the 350Z was released back in 2003, I remember having a similar feeling and not quite enjoying it as much as what I have developed since and decided it would likely be the same with the 370z. Even in the Road & Track magazine, the article author says that the vehicle could not truly be appreciated until seen in person. Well it happened sooner than I thought and I am already in love with this vehicle.

As with my other websites that specialize in aftermarket styling accessories, I have started on my third tuner related website but this time instead of focussing on a particular product style, it will be focussed on one vehicle: the Nissan 370Z. As I have seen with the 350z, this car will be the perfect one to focus on as I not only have the industry expertise and manufacturer contacts in place; I also thoroughly look forward to doing this website from an enthusiast perspective on a vehicle I truly expect to love. The best thing about this new vehicle is Nissan has taken an already amazing vehicle and strenthened and lightened it, improving it vastly in every way, and offered it to the public at roughly the same price as before! How successful do we expect this vehicle to be? Very much so and I am delighted to put an emphasis on this car with my website.

December 12 was the first day I have published files to the net for my new 370Z tuner website and I will continually work on this as new products appear. Unlike my other websites, this one will be partially for my own passion and enthusiasm rather than just another e-commerce website. On Saturday night I was watching the UFC fights on Spike TV and was thinking how much fun the three guys from “Tapout” clothing must be having, watching and being affiliated with the sport they love and also turning it into a business. For me, this is in a smaller way the same thing. I intend on learning and providing the most up to date products for the 370z while also enjoying myself and hopefully driving one when my lease is up later next year.

Cheers- 370Z Tuner